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Published by: Craig Warren on 19-Jul-21
Are Your Sales Scripts Working For or Against You?

Sales scripts are a double edged sword. On one hand, they can
help you present your selling points and sales rebuttals in an
organized, strategic way. Used incorrectly, however, they can
undermine your sales effectiveness and actually cause you to lose
sales. Here’s a caveat worth considering: Although sales scripts
may contain tried and proven tactics for converting sales prospects
into customers, a surefire way to drive a wedge between you and
your prospective clients is to sound like you’re reading a script
or regurgitating memorized lines. Bridging the gap between salesperson
and sales prospect often requires a conversational, informal delivery
that won’t come across if you’re reciting a script.

All the World’s a Stage

One thing we often forget about in the world of business and in
the business of life is to ‘lighten up’! Being too intensely
serious and rigid can not only impair your ‘likeability factor’
but it can also cancel out a lot of the enjoyment you might derive
from your business or career. Developing the ability to inject
your presentations with a dose of personality, humor, and
spontaneity can help you avoid sounding rehearsed and pushy. A
certain amount of experimentation may be necessary to find out
what works best for you, but that’s all part of the process.

Getting on the Same Wavelength

Flexibility is vitally important in developing rapport with a
prospect and winning their confidence. If you’re adhering to a
rigid script, then you’re not being responsive to their needs,
concerns, and questions. Granted, listening and being empathetic
is more of a challenge for some people than others, but if your
success hinges on the ability to persuade and influence (and
whose doesn’t?), then it’s a skill well worth cultivating. Very
often the most fascinating, likable and persuasive people are
the ones who have perfected the art of active listening.

Focus on Bullet Points

Rather than memorizing a sales script word for word, consider
writing up an outline or a set of bullet points that you can
impress on your mind. You may need to review the original sales
script, every couple weeks, to make sure you’re ad-libbing
effectively and accurately; but don’t lose sight of the way
you’re communicating nonverbally, because that’s what your sales
prospects are paying the most attention to.

It’s How You Say It

A lot of sales and marketing people tend to talk too fast, either
because they’re so excited about what they’re selling or they’ve
had one cup of coffee too many. Some may feel the need to talk
fast if they have a lot of information to impart in a short period
of time. Every situation is different, but in most cases, talking
fast is major tactical error. First of all, it may make it difficult
for your prospects to absorb the information you’re giving them
(and if they’re confused, they’re not going to commit); and secondly…
well, you know what they say about ‘fast talking salesmen’. One way
to get a reality check, once or twice a year, is to videotape and
critique mock sales presentations involving you a few of your
associates. Getting their feedback and seeing yourself as others
see you can be an effective way to iron out some of the wrinkles
that may be thwarting your sales performance and limiting your


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